Frequently asked questions
What is PriceSlash?
PriceSlash is your trusted bill negotiation partner. We contact your cable, Internet, and cell phone providers to re-negotiate your bills. Our goal is to not only earn your money back, but also to save you from the time and effort of dealing with some of America's most hated companies.
Why should I use your service?
Using our sophisticated data analysis of thousands of bills and our expert negotiators, we get you the best rates available while keeping you on your exact same plans. We negotiate all day and everyday, almost always getting better discounts than when consumers call in by themselves.
How does it work?
What types of bills can you negotiate?
You're welcome to upload any bill you want and we'll negotiate it for you. PriceSlash is most successful at achieving savings for Internet, cable TV, satellite TV, cell phone, landline, security systems, and satellite radio providers like:
How much does it cost?
Pricing is simple and risk free. Our pricing is 100% commission based so if we don't save you money, you don't pay anything. Our fee is 45% of your savings after a successful negotiation. The rest is yours to keep!

For example, if we save you $25 a month for 12 months, your total savings is $300. We share the savings, and you take home $165.
Additional Questions
How soon can I expect to hear back after I've submitted my bill?
Once you submit your bill, give us authorization to negotiate, and sign your negotiation agreement, we begin negotiations with your service provider. We aim to get you a result within 5 days after we've had a chance to call multiple times.
Where do I find the PDF version of my bill?
Login to your provider or see instructions for finding your online billing statement at the links below:
Will any of my services be changed or canceled?
PriceSlash will not change or alter any services without your permission unless we're getting you more channels or faster Internet for the same reduced price. In some instances, the exact package you signed up with may no longer be offered, but we'll always get your permission before making any changes.
How will I know the results of my negotiation?
After a negotiation, we will email and call you immediately with the results, detailing the specific line items where we were able to save you money. We will also provide any confirmation numbers and representative names and IDs when available. In most cases, you will be able to confirm changes to your account within 24 hours with your online account. Some service providers will also send separate email or text confirmations.
What happens if the lower rate you promised after my negotiation is not what I'm seeing from my service provider?
We stand by our negotiations 100%. If we what we told you is not reflected by your service provider, we will go back to bat for you and make it right. Let us know right away if you see any discrepancies with your bill. We will never leave you hanging.
Where is PriceSlash available?
PriceSlash is currently only available in the United States.